With digital now promising to cross new territories with technology such as programmatic, AR/VR and AI, it is not surprising to find businesses and marketers realising the impact and potential of performance marketing.

Marketers are as such, facing more pressure to deliver in the numbers game and be more accountable for the dollars and cents they are spending. Digital, taking up a huge part of that spend, is finding itself to be more accountable to sales. This comes as pressure from the board to prove digital ROI is seen to be increasing.

With this comes a responsibility on marketers to fully embrace the challenges and opportunities a performance-based approach to digital marketing will bring. With the current landscape of emerging technologies, demanding customers and challenging economic conditions, marketers will need every tool at their disposal.

Join the conversations happening at Marketing Magazine’s third annual Digital Performance Marketing conference where industry leaders and expert practitioners gather and share their insights through engaging presentations and in depth panel discussions.

Keep up with the conversations happening here:

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As marketers and consumers constantly adopt new innovations and technology, market research too has been evolving to keep up. However, at the core of business today is the need to stay ahead of the customer by understanding and predicting every move – which means that it’s essential to constantly revitalise research methods and examine efficacy at every step of the way.

Research today gives the marketer greater clarity when trying to launch a new product into a highly saturated and highly skeptical market.With research and results in hand, marketers are able to focus and prioritise their time  effectively on both short-term tactical investments and long-term goals.

It is now imperative for businesses to upkeep continuous innovation in all areas, especially in building strong foundations through research. This is why we’ve brought back Research Asia Interactive for its fourth edition in 2017 and made it by invitation-only for the best and brightest in the business.

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When it comes to striking a chord with consumers today, it is all about the experience. As poet Maya Angelou once said, people forget what you said or did but they never forget how you made them feel.

This could not be more true when it comes to standing out with the right customer experience. With the onset of globalisation and advancements in technology, customers are now expecting more and more experiences. Brands must now engage if not risk being left behind. However, doing so is easier said than done, with multiple platforms involved in creating an omni-channel experience.

According to a recent McKinsey report, caring about customer touch points is no longer enough - marketers now have to look at the customer journey. Meanwhile, according to NewVoiceMedia, not having the right experience could cost your company US$62 billion in losses a year.

Since the inception of Marketing‘s Customer Experience conference series in 2013, the growth of the field has been exponential. This is why the conference is returning, this time with a renewed focus on enabling deeper customer relationships which are more than transactional.

This year’s discussion focuses on the transition from the traditional school of thought to embracing innovation in CX.

Catch the live discussions which are happening right here.

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Meanwhile, here is a quick snapshot of the conference.

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Check out what the speakers said here:
How to play to your competitors shortcomings

The deadline is just around the corner; today is your last chance to enter your work for Marketing's inaugural eCommAs Awards.

To take part in this year’s exciting eCommAs Awards, enter your submissions now.

Details about the award categories and entry guidelines are available here.

The eCommAs celebrate the very best e-tailers, innovations and campaigns in this fast-growing industry, and aim to honour the very best the e-commerce industry has to offer in Hong Kong. They will be judged by an esteemed panel of senior client marketing and e-commerce industry leaders from influential brands in Hong Kong and China.

Here are some simple reasons why you need to be the best of the best in e-commerce and why these awards are for you.

Your e-commerce website is your showroom, where consumers can search for your products and services online and see all the reasons why the products are right for them; the eCommAs Awards is your stage where you can showcase all your excellence and achievements for even greater opportunity and exposure.

With 26 categories covering e-commerce in an all-rounded way, including the best e-commerce merchants for different industries, the best e-commerce specialists for payment and logistics, and more, there are unparalleled opportunities for ultimate recognition and bragging rights in the industry and among your peers.

Winners will celebrate their achievements at a gala dinner ceremony at Hotel ICON on 28 June.

PR Asia is back in its fourth edition to bring to marketers in the region a complete overview of the latest developments in public relations and communications. This year, we’ll examine the relationships that are in the DNA of PR.

The two day conference will be held in Shangri-la and will feature talks from APB, Visa, Maple Tree Industries and many others. It will cover issues about internal and external stakeholders from top brands across 20 sessions including presentations, case studies and industry briefings, panel discussions and a half-day workshop.

Here are some images from day one:

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Here are the images from Day 2:

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Catch the live updates here:

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