5 things clients get very wrong

Alex Yu, managing director of local digital agency Rice 5, popped open the champagne for his agency’s one-decade milestone as well as its recent appointment from Japanese ramen company, Ippudo, to manage its digital offerings.

Looking into the next 10 years, he shares some things clients can learn from.

1.      Case studies are useless

Not everything is derived from lessons, said Yu. Every campaign depends on the one golden element: timing.

2.      Think about who you want to target

“Don’t go on a social media platform because it’s popular or you feel like you should, that’s a waste of money. The people you target may not even be there,” he said.

3.      Stop treating social media like a one-off project. Rather, it’s a constant dialogue with the customers, or in his words “a human-like conversation”.

4.      Digital strategies shouldn’t end with social media: as in, having a Facebook page is not enough. Instead, look at how these different outlets should be making different types of dialogue, more importantly, and how they are interacting with each other.

Facebook page, for example, should be more on promotions, while the corporate website should focus on lengthier information, he said.

5.      Be honest on social media.

“There are enough lies on social media: be honest. If a campaign didn’t reach the number of hits, admit it. People like that human touch: it’s only with that that your brand then really becomes their friend and not a corporate entity.”

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