4 ways to be an awesome social media storyteller

People love stories. So if you could use storytelling to your advantage on social media – in digital form – then why wouldn’t you be doing so?

Create relatable narratives
What is the most important part of social media? Is it the time of day, the car you drive? Nope. People care about people. Connect to people in a more natural way.

Stop advertising
Your social media channel isn’t a billboard for your followers. To be a good storyteller, tone down announcements about how great your brand is. Tell people about ‘who’ your brand is.

Listen more
Data can tell you what are your followers’ interests and where they are located. What it can’t tell you is how they feel about things. Knowing the way people feel about certain subject matters can tell you what they’re interested in.

Be timely
Social media is the most sought-after medium for current events and breaking news. Leverage timely events and conversations to build momentum.

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