4 reasons why you should attend Retail Marketing 2016

Marketing is pleased to announce its innovative full day conference, Retail Marketing Hong Kong, will be back in 2016 to tackle some of the biggest issues in the retail industry.

Despite a global economic slowdown, there is still power in the retail market. This year's Singles’ Day shopping extravaganza has again showed that consumers in Asia are willing to spend big, and use mobile and online commerce to purchase their goods.

Retailers today are looking to foster long-term relationships that deliver value over time, compared to ad hoc and one-off purchases. Brands are doing this via a range of strategies from data, smart content and super-charged CRM systems.

In its third year, the conference will take place on 26 April 2016 at Hotel ICON, where some of the top minds in retail will discuss these important issues.

A snapshot of the 2016 agenda is as follows:

1. Retail's harsh reality

Hong Kong has just weathered one its toughest years ever with numerous outside and internal influences playing havoc with retailer's bottom lines. The 2016 conference will explore strategies for a fast rebound.

2. Discover how innovative tools are meeting the needs of consumers

The retail landscape is changing, so are your customers, our speakers will tell you how to reach Millennials in innovative and creative ways.

3. Engage with shoppers around the world

We live in a global village and retailers today need strategies to embrace this concept.

4. The fast future: Connected retail, "clienteling" and magic mirrors

Leading industry commentators will lead you on an eye opening journey into retail's tech driven future.

To find out more about this special one day conference, check out the website or get in touch with us here.