11 things to avoid in mobile marketing [GALLERY]

Pondering over your mobile strategy?

Phil Whittaker, chief marketing officer at Themed Attractions and Resorts, gives some tips before revealing the company’s mobile strategy for its various attractions, including Kidzania, LEGOLAND and Sea World.

Here are the 11 traps to avoid:

1. Having no clear reason or objective for going mobile and failing to think like a mobile user.
2. Insufficient budget consideration.
3. Shrinking an online creative and hoping to derive similar results.
4. Failing to realise that people use mobile differently over different devices.
5. Not having a localised approach.
6. Having content that is not sharable.
7. Failing to integrate a mobile campaign into events that are ongoing.
8. Failing to optimise the website.
9. Content is not engaging and interactive.
10. Unclear call to action.
11. Failing to segment the market.

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Whittaker talked about the company’s use of its mobile app for the Sea World theme park. The app allows park visitors to book a place in ride queues, pick up discounts, play interactive games and check real-time events going on at the park.

With the advent of big data comes permission-based marketing, and how marketers can work with this is making sure that your mobile apps give users incentives to download them, he says.

Providing location-based services or information also increases the app’s usefulness. And while coupons, special deals and offers can all be conveyed via mobile, it is important this is not overused.

“Creative incentives that encourage the customer’s mobile interaction throughout the whole experience, that is, through a retail store or theme park, keeps them buying directly from you,” he says. Offline prompts and signage will also contribute to immediate call-to-action.

Whittaker was speaking at the Mobile Marketing Interactive conference organised by Marketing magazine.

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