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Y&R Beijing wins Unicom VSENS

Y&R Beijing has been appointed to manage brand strategy development for Unicom VSENS, a subsidiary of China Unicom, and its sub-brands after an open pitch that took place in April.

It’s understood that Y&R Beijing was selected against three other agencies. Unicom VSENS said the agency has a sound understanding of the mobile phone industry and insights from consumers that could answer the brand’s need in future branding strategy.

Luis da Rosa, general manager of Y&R Beijing, said “Winning the Unicom VSENS business is a thrilling experience for the Y&R Beijing team. This win is solid proof of our integrated communication capability: consumer-insight led strategy and the creative excellence in idea and executions.”


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Globe rolls out new website

Renovations happening at Globe Telecoms has reached even online following the launch of a new website early this month...


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