UPS partners up with EF Lockers and SF stores

UPS has announced that it will partner up with EF Lockers or SF Stores to offer greater flexibility for cross-border e-commerce deliveries, with the introduction of new alternative delivery locations (ADLs) at easy-to-access sites across Hong Kong.

Consumers with eligible shipments will receive a pre-alert text message ahead of the shipment’s arrival in Hong Kong. In addition to the parcel’s delivery status, the receiver will also have the option to collect it from a designated alternative location – either an EF Locker or SF Store.

“Our retail industry research tells us that, more so than anywhere else in Asia, 81% of Hong Kong’s online shoppers are interested in having their purchases shipped to an ADL with extended hours if fees are less than shipping the package to their home,” said  Lauren Zhao, Managing Director for UPS Hong Kong and Macau.

With 24/7 accessibility, SF Stores and EF Lockers are a secure delivery option. These ADLs allow online shoppers to receive deliveries in a preferred location at their convenience, thereby reducing the number of missed deliveries.

“Cross-border e-commerce is accounting for an increasingly large proportion of all e-commerce sales in Asia, particularly with the growing popularity of online marketplaces,” said Ross McCullough, President of UPS Asia Pacific.

With the APAC e-commerce logistics market expected to more than double from US$108 billion to US$232 billion by 2021, developing the necessary infrastructure now to ensure that retailers can continue to meet the evolving needs of online shoppers is crucial.

The expansion of UPS’s global alternative delivery network in Hong Kong is one of the ways the company continues to drive sustainability in this evolving retail environment. It leads to the win-win situation where more flexibility and convenience for consumers, and fewer miles and associated emissions for UPS.

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