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LOOK TBWA\ Malaysia attempts to find a wondersuit

TBWA Malaysia has created a website taking a jab at the creative suits and creating “award winning” works.

On its website it said that for too long, creatives have been the ones who briefed themselves when it comes to making award-winning work  (ouch!). Hence the agency is on the hunt for a “wondersuit”.

What is a “wondersuit” you might ask?

Well here’s what the agency said: “Surely there are creative suits out there – rare account servicing geniuses – who write briefs so creatively inspiring and compelling that every word on those documents reeks of gold…the Lion kind. Of course, they are also master salesmen (and women) who have clients eating out of their hands. And every creative wants to be on their account.”

The description then goes on to say that if such a “wondersuit” is reading this then he/she should take up the agency’s challenge to write “one helluva brief”, based on work that have been awarded.

Take a look at some of the work:

The site also puts a disclaimer where it says: “Hello, friends and sensitive folks. Our selection of featured work aims to honour industry colleagues we admire and respect. We look forward to seeing briefs that are just as inspired.”

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