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Tambi needs you this Deepavali

Deepavali is just around the corner, and while many brands are busy creating testimonial ads and dancing along with the festivities, one agency is going beyond the norm in addressing another trend… missing Indians in ads.

In addressing the issue, with a splash of humour, Creative Juice took to the digital space and created a website named, featuring comedian Kavin Jay making a fuss about why Indians are not really featured in ads.

Aiming to bring back Indians and Indian insights into advertising, the website also features an archive of past ads featuring Indians and calls for submission of ad ideas featuring Indians.

Creative Juice creative director VJ Anand said this year instead of doing the typical Deepavali ads around the festival of lights, it decided to zoom in on an issue he felt needed to be addressed.

“As an Indian myself, when I sit through brand strategies and work with so many clients, I notice that Indians are often missing in the strategy and not a target audience by many brands. So we decided to create this campaign, in addressing a real issue in a humorous way,” said Anand.

Targeting to work with other advertising agencies, Anand said the agency is already in talks with some agencies prior to the site launch this morning to get their clients to participate in creating ideas.

“Creative Juice believes in being bold in everything it does, creating work that strikes a chord with the audience,” said Anand.

Creative Juice, which created the idea, collaborated with The Greatest Hits in producing the video, script and music on the site.

While the site will take submissions over the next one to two months, it could be kept open if it gets a positive response from people outside the industry.

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