Singapore 2014 Creative Agency Rankings & Strategy Toolkit

Singapore 2014 Creative Agency Rankings & Strategy Toolkit

This report is part of Marketing Research’s annual report series on the ‘Agency Rankings & Strategy Toolkit’. To find out more about this series of reports, click here. To view other reports in this series, click here.

The ‘Singapore 2014 Creative Agency Rankings & Strategy Toolkit’ provides creative agencies with an in-depth perspective on the competition and opportunities within the creative services space, agency rankings and performance among existing clients, and key industry deep-dives, including marketing spend and agency preferences.

Based on a survey of almost 500 client marketers in Singapore, this report covers the following areas:

  1. Marketing Services Opportunities Overview in Singapore:
    • Creative services opportunity size and competitive analysis relative to other marketing services
    • Opportunities in newer marketing services areas such as digital marketing and content marketing
  2. Agency rankings & performance index: creative agencies, brand consultancies and content marketing agencies in Singapore
    • Agencies that client marketers are most likely to engage with
    • Agency performance among existing clients
    • Agency preference share: Holding groups vs. independent companies
  3. Top spending industries in Singapore on creative services and fact sheets of key industries 
    • Key industry identification based on top spenders and highest growth in creative services
    • Industry marketing budgets size and allocation priorities
    • Agency relationship by key industries: loyalty to agencies, preferred remuneration models and preferred agencies

Reports are delivered in two documents for ease of reading & distribution within your organisation:

  1. pdf image PDF report: detailed write-up of insights and recommendations
  2. pptPowerpoint of charts: presentation format with charts and key findings/recommendations