Entry Submission

Submission Deadline

11 January 2019, 2359hrs

All submissions are to be done on the form below.

Fees and Payment

Early Bird Rate until 14th Dec:
S$280.00 (excl GST) per entry
Standard Rate from 15th Dec:
S$320.00 (excl GST) per entry

Payment methods:
Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Entry Requirements

  • Download and read the Entry Guidelines document before you proceed.

  • Download the Entry Submission Template to help you with the entry submission.
  • You’ll have to key in your email address below before you can proceed with the online submission process. This will allow you to return to this page anytime before the deadline to edit your submissions.
  • Please note that this system will only record your contact information if you have done a completed submission. It is recommended that all entry materials are gathered before starting the entry process.
  • Please ensure that all details on Entry Submission Form is CONSISTENT with the details on the Entry Submission Document you uploaded.
  • Upon submission deadline, all details on the Entry Submission Form, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and cannot be changed and/or transferred to another party.
  • Remember to click on ‘Finish’ at the ‘Checkout’ page to confirm your submission. You’ll receive a confirmation note thereafter.
  • The online submission will close on 11 January 2019, 2359 hrs.

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