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Pos Ad Group launches a new retail lab

With shopper marketing gaining more attention and the retail landscape becoming more challenging in Malaysia, Pos Ad Group is gearing up with the launch of its new retail lab called Future Retail.

The new lab will add firepower to its strategic planning capabilities, says the agency and Pos Ad Group’s Future Retail lab hopes to represent the retail environment. The lab is meant to encourage an immersive in-store experience for clients and industry players alike. It has innovative mediums such as the Magic Mirror and ProductBanner with digital screens, to name a few.

The lab also played host to more than 80 guests over two days for a talk and workshops on Shopper Marketing.

Chew Sue Ann, group managing director, of Pos Ad Group said: “Incubating new ideas for mediums and bringing them to fruition is a constant with our Innovation Team, and with this lab, we will be able to accelerate our speed to market. Additionally, collaborations with strategic partners will equip us with strategic planning capabilities for shopper marketing programs. This adds on to our holistic offering of 360 shopper marketing.”

Moving forward, Pos Ad Group intends to fully utilise the Future Retail lab as an open venue for business partners, higher education establishments and industry thought-leadership forums to exchange and learn in the areas of in-store marketing. In addition to this, plans include a continuous series of talks and workshops on shopper marketing.

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