Pokémon Go catches on in Hong Kong

The wait is over for Pokémon Go fans in Hong Kong as the AR game has finally gone live in Hong Kong.

Shortly after its release at 11:20 and 11:38 on Android Play Store and iOS App Store today respectively, Pokémon Go’s official twitter announced its launch in Hong Kong. The game immediately made headlines across all media platforms.

Within merely 15 minutes, the status got more than 1000 retweets and 2600 likes. On Twitter, Hongkongers wasted no time posting pictures of them trying out the game.

With more fans and users who are currently buried in work and are yet to realise the launch, the game will definitely be on tremendous surge in its app store rankings in the coming days.

The game, developed by Nintendo and Niantic Labs, has been a tremendous success for Nintendo, being downloaded over 30 million times and doubling the company’s stock value.

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