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Paying homage to ‘agencyisms’

“Happy Friday. Please see below. As previously mentioned, let’s touch base to flesh out the minor tweaks of this low hanging fruit – it’s got legs!” Does this sound familiar to you?

A UK-based PR firm Munch is celebrating its first year of agency life and launching a range of tongue-in-cheek t-shirts printing some of the most used agency jargon to pay homage to the language.

Very often, PR companies ‘reach out’ to agency friends across digital, social, marketing, research and design to develop a list of the most common ‘agencyisms’ – the phrases that many try not to use in meetings or via email, but somehow manage to sneak in all the same.

Of the many put forward, the 10 most frequently suggested phrases have been printed across crisp white cotton t-shirts. The final cut will be familiar to anyone who’s spent time in an agency before – ‘reach out’, ‘take this offline’, ‘touch base’, ‘low hanging fruit’, ‘got legs’, ‘happy Friday’, ‘flesh out’, ‘please see below’, ‘minor tweaks’ and the classic passive aggressive, ‘as previously mentioned’.

“When brainstorming how to mark our anniversary, we wanted to do something that everyone could get involved in and that gave back to our community, deciding to pay homage to the language of our industry in a way we hadn’t seen done before – splashed across t-shirts,” said Lizzie Earl, founder of Munch, who previously worked at Golin Hong Kong.

Proceeds from the collection of ten tees will be donated to Hackney Giving, a project hosted by Hackney CVS that allows local businesses, corporate companies and residents to donate money to local community projects.

What’s the most-used agency jargon over in Hong Kong? Share yours with us!

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