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Nespresso sweetens up its brand

In the window displays at its IFC and Elements stores during April, Nespresso had a model set in an Italian style café setting, sipping a Nespresso coffee and throwing smile to passer-by.

“This is a completely different way to draw attention to new products,” Carrie Shum, senior brand manager at Nespresso told Markeing.

“We wanted this campaign to be fun, interactive and completely different to capture the imagination of our Club Members and passers-by. It was very successful.”

Eric Leong, senior strategic planner of Grey Hong Kong, said beyond novelty value, a live display gave the brand an additional outlet to interact with customers.

“It not only communicates the range of products it sells inside but also the type of personality it has – which people will ultimately take into consideration when deciding if this shop (and brand) is ‘for me’,” he said.

“Winning people’s attention is better than no attention at all, and in this respect the use of attractive live models will never fail to work at a basic level,” Leong added.

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