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Ministry of Home Affairs on the hunt for PR agency

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has launched an open tender for a PR agency. According to Gebiz, the appointment will be for three years and the agency will responsible for proposing a comprehensive strategic communications framework for road safety, and executing and implementing the proposed communication strategies.

The tender briefing will be held on 5 December.

MHA is not the only government agency to call for a tender this year. In October, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) called for a tender to appoint a social media agency for the development of social media content and strategies, as well as measurement and reporting, according to Gebiz. The tender came after MOT is said to be searching for one or multiple agencies to undertake advertising and marketing duties for its MRT30 anniversary campaign, which Marketing understands will launch in November.

The National Arts Council is also on the hunt for a social media agency to launch a social media campaign for Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2018. The appointed agency will conceptualise and drive a “compelling” social media campaign to capitalise on the current SAW followers and further cultivate the growth of its reach.

It will also be responsible for the creation of promotional trailer videos, monitoring and reporting. According to Gebiz, the campaign will continue to leverage original content to capture the online interest and offer an additional platform to spotlight visual arts events in Singapore.

The Singapore Land Transport Authority is also on the lookout for a social media agency, following its public tender for the management and maintenance of bus shelters and their advertising spaces.

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