Google Analytics

Uncover the mystery behind your web traffic

Almost 20 years ago, Google shot out of Silicon Valley with a unique sense of purpose and clarity. As the world has evolved, Google has transcended to more than just a web search engine. It has gone on to power some of the biggest platforms in our life. Android, Chrome, YouTube, Maps and the Display Network each have over 1 billion users – making this the dominant player that Marketers must work with on their way to reaching customers.

Likewise, Google Analytics has become one of the most widely used tools that tracks and reports website traffic by marketers all over the world.  With its multi-faceted backend, it is able to divulge useful data from who visits your webpage, to how your visitors got directed there, to which content is being consumed the most.
That being said, data is only useful when you are able to utilize the information in meaningful ways. Let Marketing Magazine’s MasterClass: Google Analytics: Uncover the mystery behind your web traffic help you discover how to make the most of these data available to you to enhance your marketing strategy.

Expected course outcomes:

  • Correctly measuring data that aligns with business goals
  • Generate relevant reports and use the derived insights to tweak your marketing strategy
  • Manage data to better understand and engage with consumers and prospects
  • Incorporate Google Analytics into your existing marketing workflow

Course details:

Date: 30 Nov, Fri

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
(Registration starts at 8.45am)

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, 11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore 229616

Course fee:
SGD 799 per person (on or before 30 Oct 2018) SGD 999 per person

To register, please visit