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Date Posted : 13 Jun 2018

Mobile App Developer

Company: OffingApp
Country: Hong Kong
Industry: IT & Telecoms
Job Function: Data & Analytics
Seniority: Manager
Package/Month: US$10,000 - US$15,000
About the Company

Mobile Apps Marketing
Developing a high-end efficiency personified mobile application is just one part of the story. The real action takes place behind the scenes; during and post the application development stage.

The application needs to be effectively promoted to ensure its visibility, popularity and ROI. At Offingapp mobile apps marketing is as important as mobile application development. This is because mobile app development alone doesn’t lead to its popularity. Just because, it’s there, doesn’t mean users are going to download it onto their smartphones. It needs to be marketed well, in order for it to become a popular choice amongst its target audience.

As an experienced mobile apps marketing company, we appreciate this fact with aplomb and develop a marketing strategy that is worthy of the application.

About The Job

- Write good scalable code
- Experience Agile Development Methodology and Scrum Framework
- Communicate with team members
- Have the ability to break down user requests
- Voice opinions and present clear ideas and solutions

About The Successful Candidate

- Experience
- This ideal candidate must possess a minimum of a two-year degree in Information Systems, including technical studies or equivalent experience.
- Experience in Agile Methodology.
- Experience with Test Driven Development and writing automated tests.
- Experience in Web development in a business environment

To Apply

The company offers exhaustive marketing solutions that include a well-defined Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch strategy.

We develop an apps marketing campaign in line with the requirement of the client, the purpose of the application and the preferences of the target audience. Our goal is to create early interest for the application and make sure that the interest grows with the passage time.

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