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Date Posted : 25 Jun 2018

Android App Developer

Company: Phonty
Country: Hong Kong
Industry: Agency – Creative
Job Function: Agency – CEO/MD
Seniority: Top Management
Package/Month: US$10,000 - US$15,000
About the Company

Android Tablet Apps Development
Android app development has changed an Android tablet into a definitive work station, an exciting gaming console, an activity center and also a hub which brings together all your business processes. Such is the applicability of the Android platform that users have begun demanding applications that cater to requirements that might be exclusive to the user.

The Android app developers at Phonty appreciate the immense scope of the Android platform for application development and ensure that it’s optimally used to provide unique applications that are both engrossing and user friendly.

Our Android application development for the Android tablet revolves around utilizing the brilliantly distributed functionality of its home screen space, to offer an immersive user experience. The objective is to use the Android tablet platform to deliver workable solutions that affect the lives of the user in many different ways.

- Custom Application
- Development Full Service
- Application Development
- Application Development Expertise
- Successful Track Record
- Quick and On-Time Delivery Results
- Driven Development Approach High Performance
- Driven By Ethics and Values

Delivering the very Best Solutions

Anyone can claim to offer the ‘best’ solutions, but not everybody does. For Phonty, delivering the best solutions is not only about offering expert Android app development services, phone tracker app, but also about the process of development itself. We believe a well-planned application development lifecycle is the foundation of all successful applications. This helps us deliver the proposed solution that meets all client specifications and within the designated timeframe for delivery.

The Android app developer at Phonty is trained to build applications from scratch. With a thorough knowledge of the Android SDK and its development tools, the developer brings to life the most challenging of imaginations of our clients.

So if you are looking for Android tablet applications that capture the attention of your target users, Phonty is definitely the right choice. It’s a company that constantly tries to re-invent itself when it comes to application development, which ensures the best application money can buy.

About The Job

In-demand Skills: We review applicants for exceptionally strong skills (languages, databases, frameworks, libraries) that are in demand.

Markers of Excellence: We look for standout characteristics, including impactful work at reputable companies, a range of robust technical skills, top performance on coding challenges, and elite CS education.

Availability and Responsiveness: Finally, we screen for high-intent job seekers, who respond quickly to both employers and Prime career coaches.

About The Successful Candidate

In depth knowledge and development experience with C# and Visual Basic

To Apply

To apply please submit you cover letter and resume electronically using one of the following methods

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