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Reebok Outdoor

Interactive outdoor: Reebok runners unlock free sneakers

Reebok has used a smart digital out of home ad as an incentive for to get people running in Sweden and win a new set of trainers.

The interactive billboard comes with a built-in speed camera and tracking technology to measure the pace of pedestrians passing by it in the downtown area of the Swedish capital.

Those who ran past the speed monitor faster than 17kph (or roughly 5:42 mile pace) unlocked a clear plastic window box display to grab a brand new pair of Reebok ZPump 2.0 shoes.

Filip Lagerbäck, PR and social manager at Reebok Nordic, told Adweek it was important to do things for real and to actually activate their audience.

“We want to inspire people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym. That’s what our tagline ‘Be More Human’ is all about.”

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