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Influencers brighten up Land Rover’s Evoque with new designs

In its latest social media marketing efforts, Land Rover has made three influencers’ driving dreams come true by inviting them to design their own styles of  Range Rover Evoque.

The three influencers, fashion icon Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), star choreographer Shing Mak (麥秋成), and celebrity chef Vicky Cheng, all of which might not be usual icons in the world of cars, were asked to present an innovative vehicle design.

Videos and pictures of the making-of were then posted on the brand’s Facebook page, as well as the pages of other leisure or lifestyle magazines such as Esquire and Milk. The design cars will also be showcased in exhibitions coming Saturday.

Debbie Leung, marketing manager at Jaguar & Land Rover, told Marketing that the brand is new to engaging influencers in its branding marketing.

“We usually do a typical physical launch, which focuses on car performances; but we have decided to try a different approach this time. The campaign aims to re-drive our Range Rover Evoque, so we want to bring fashion or leisure influencers in to inject new elements of fashion, dance and gourmet food in the promotion, provoking a sense of trendiness and playfulness,” Leung said.

She added that responses have been on track since its launch yesterday, but diverse comments come as expected. “Different people have different opinions on designs. As we see, the responses are quite positive with many likes and thumbs up.”

Another video starring Shing Mak and Vicky Cheng will be uploaded on the brand’s Facebook page this afternoon.


Creative: Imagine.nation
Digital: CMRS

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