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IKEA Singapore denies chicken wing suspension as publicity stunt

IKEA Singapore has temporarily suspended its chicken wings from its menu, following negative feedback on the quality of the food item. In a Facebook post announcing the change, the furniture giant explained that it takes the comments on the quality of its chicken seriously and will continue to source for a new supplier. In a statement to Marketing, Mike King, retail director of Ikea Southeast Asia, confirmed that this was not a publicity stunt.

“Contrary to what people may think, this isn’t a publicity stunt by Ikea. We believe in providing quality food products at fantastic prices. When we received feedback recently on the taste and texture of our chicken wings, we decided to stop sales temporarily while we worked with our supplier to find a solution,” King said, in a statement to Marketing.

Many brands have in recent years expressed their keenness in social listening, and this move by IKEA is a perfect example of a brand reacting to consumers’ feedback. Fans of IKEA have also reacted positively. Some users decided to use the post as a platform to relay feedback on other menu items.

IKEA Serene Tham IKEA Raymond

Since its posting on Saturday, IKEA’s Facebook post has garnered 234 reactions, 45 shares and 53 comments.

In the meantime, IKEA has communicated that in place of the chicken wings, it is offering chicken tenders and a dish containing 4-piece chicken tenders and garlic fries. It stated that it would post updates on its Facebook page when its popular chicken wings are back in store.

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