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How much time do people spend on social media? [Infographic]

Social media advertising spend is projected to reach nearly US$36 billion globally by 2017 with US and Canada spending the most and eclipsing US$12.5 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer.

Growth on many of the top social media platforms continues to rise as each network rolls out new features and functionalities to better compete for users’ daily time and engagement.

As such, the amount of people using social is not only increasing, but is accompanied by how much time people are spending each day on social media. Just on Facebook’s suite of owned apps alone, its users are spending an average of 50 minutes each day.

In order to see how much the average person will ultimately spend on social media, a study from MediaKix calculated the time spent across today’s most popular social media platforms and projected this figure across an entire lifetime:


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