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Hotel ICON’s video crowned at PATA Gold Award

Hotel ICON’s three-minute video “Ways to Wow” has been voted by the judging panel as the PATA Gold Award 2016 in the hotel marketing category.

The video portrays a day in the life of one of Hotel ICON’s guests, and shows how the hotel makes moments and creates memories through a dynamic, colourful and visually-compelling tour across the property in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The promotional film has been used across multiple media platforms to raise the profile of Hotel ICON, reaching new audiences and showcasing the property in a fast-paced, vibrant and compelling format.

PATA CEO Mario Hardy said: “The judges were most impressed with the quality of the Hotel ICON entry and, indeed, the overall high standard of entries submitted this year.”

The awards bring into the limelight of the travel and tourism industry and this year attracted 212 entries from 71 organisations and individuals worldwide.

“We couldn’t be happier that our Ways to Wow video has received this prestigious PATA award”, said Richard Hatter, GM of Hotel ICON. “Every guest experiences ‘ways to wow’ here every day, be it through our staff, services or amenities, so to have our DNA defined and captured in this award-winning video is a fitting testament to our unique nature and mission.”

The PATA Gold Award 2016 in the hotel marketing category will be presented at the PATA Gold Awards luncheon and presentation, September 9, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in Jakarta.

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