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Hong Kong Disneyland Summer Playtime Campaign 2014-Toy-Story

Disneyland calls game on for retro summer push

Hong Kong Disneyland has launched the “It’s Summer Playtime – Game On!” campaign with four TVCs, out-of-home and print ads to promote its 20 retro games featured at the theme park for the summer.

The campaign, which targets mothers and will run until 31 August, plays on retro games familiar among the older generation.

“Hong Kong parents are often said to be “monster parents” and parenting relations can tense. Kids can hardly enjoy playtime with their parents,” Jenkin Ho, director of marketing at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort said.

“The beauty of retro games is their simplicity and creativity. Parents were once children too and good at playing games.”

He points out that retro games help parents recall happy childhood memories, which they will want to share with their kids.

Through retro games, parents can compete with their kids and impress them through games they are familiar with.

“Mothers come to Hong Kong Disneyland no longer just to accompany their kids, but they can also have their share of playtime with their kids,” Ho said.

For example, this “What time is it Mama Bear?” video gives a new twist to the “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” game popular in the playground.

The two videos below feature the Flights of Fantasy Trivia and Rhythm Ruler games:

The TVCs were aired on TV, YouTube and the theme park’s official website and Facebook page.

“The videos serve as an easy way of connecting to parents through their childhood memories. By building on this relevancy, we hope the videos will drive parents to visit the Park with their families,” Ho said.

“Having several short-duration videos allows us to feature more of our offerings and better engage our target audience, while multiple and unexpected endings enrich the content.”

For instance, in the Action Figure Statues video, a child competes with his mother to see who can post as an action figure and remain still for the longest.

The video has two possible endings, which means that even if you think you are watching the same TVC you watched last time, you might be in for a surprise.

Also part of the campaign are out-of-home ads placed at Kowloon Tong MTR station and advertorials in weekly magazines.

Below are out-of-home ads that serve as puzzles in themselves:

Meanwhile, these out-of-home ads were inspired by the TVCs:

Ho believes static ads and print advertorials are essential touch points in an integrated campaign.

“While video is a good medium for grabbing people’s attention through striking visuals and sounds, static channels like print advertorials with key opinion leaders can help us reach our target audience at relevant touch points in their lives,” he said.

“No matter through which touch points audiences are being reached, they will be linked to other channels. For example, if an audience comes across our billboard in the MTR station, he or she is encouraged to find out more on our official website by scanning a QR code on the billboard.”

TVC Credits:

Creative Agency: Anonymous

Executive Creative Directors: Simon Handford and Sandy Chan

Art Director: Noah Ho

TV Production: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Media agency: Mindshare

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