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H&M’s Nyden drops collection with minimal marketing

After the pre-launch in April and minimal information since then, H&M’s new millennial-focused brand – Nyden – finally rolls out its first collection of men’s and women’s clothing this month.

The latest collection is called /Nyden drop 1, which features its statement products such as studded leather jackets with a €2,000 price tag.The products will be sold exclusively online and in pop-ups.


The Swedish clothing retailer is taking a unconventional marketing approach for Nyden. The information and marketing plans have been minimal. The company has been relatively quiet about what to expect from the new brand. It has only been advertised on social media – released teaser videos and photos of the co-creators’ first collection on Instagram, explaining the concept behind the design.

/Nyden takes its name from two Swedish words “ny” and “den”, which means “new” and “it” respectively. The company stated Nyden is not a traditional fashion brand.“There are no collections, no seasons, just a stream of relevant drops and events.” Nyden operates like a creative platform recruiting co-creators, who it calls “tribe leaders”, to design capsule collections.

Oscar Olsson, head of Nyden, told New York Magazine’s The Cut he believed that in the future, brands would not exist in the same way that they do today. They might not have one main designer, but could instead be influenced by many different people.

Nyden’s current collection has been co-created with three celebrities – singers Dua Lipa and Justine Skye, and German soccer player Jérôme Boateng.

The premise behind the brand is to predict how people will shop in the future, using market research and teaming up with sociologists and philosophers.

Meanwhile, H&M reported no sales growth for a full six months, as the world’s second-largest fashion retailer struggles to get customers through its doors and misses a beat to adapt to the shift of consumers to digital avenues.

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