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Gushcloud breaks into the US market with uFluencer acquisition

Gushcloud has acquired uFluencer Group, a US-based social media talent management agency, representing influencers and beauty content creators globally.

The acquisition is 100% and the move will result in the formation of the Gushcloud Talent Agency (GTA), a division within the company that is dedicated to the management of these social media talents. Gushcloud did not comment on the value of the acquisition. This is the second time the influencer agency is making a move into the US market.

uFluencer founder Kenn Henman will now lead GTA as global chief talent officer. Prior to the uFluencer venture, Henman served as CEO of public relations firm aLine Media for 12 years. Through the formation of GTA, the company aims to provide more opportunities for cross borders collaborations between influencers and content creators. This includes expanding the content and profile of top Asian influencers globally and vice versa from the US to Asia and will see the agency aggressively expanding its current portfolio.

uFluencer currently represents social media influencers including Promise Phan, Carli Bybel, Evon Wahab, Lindy Tsang (Bubzbeauty), Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) and Judy and Benji Travis (ItsJudysLife). Collectively, the talents represent more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube with a total social media reach of over 150 million.

“With the inclusion of uFluencer Group and her expertise in managing exclusively some of the world’s largest beauty and parenting influencers and content creators, we are confident to launch GTA in America and in Asia,” said Althea Lim, co-founder and chief executive officer of Gushcloud.

“By joining the Gushcloud family, this allows a gateway for some of our top social media talents and their content into Asia. We will be tapping on Gushcloud’s extensive clientele network of global and local brands and agencies to bring more brand deals to our talents,” Henman said.

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