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Grab and Tinder couple up to promote GrabShare

Grab is partnering with Tinder, so users can spend the day with their favourite social media personalities.

On May 19, local social media celebrities Ben Tang, Brandon Teo, Brenda Ng, Cheryl Tay, Chloe Choo, Victoria Cheng and Yang Jiamin will be using GrabShare, a car-pooling service launched by Grab, to meet passengers.

Grab x Tinder’s “New Places, New Faces” activation will have these selected social media personalities each roving in a GrabShare ride and picking up passengers starting from 11am to 4pm. Passengers can take this opportunity to get to know these personalities while riding to their destination of choice.

At the end of the activation on 19 May, each personality will select a passenger he or she would like to get to know better. Tinder and Grab will then arrange a day-out for them to explore a new experience together, depending on their interests.

The rides will be filmed, and the most interesting and fun moments will be shared on the Grab Facebook page.

“Many of us are creatures of habit – hanging out with the same circle of friends and visiting the same places. Unknowingly, we have created our own little ecosystems. Our carpool service, GrabShare, lets passengers share a ride and the fare and meet new people in the process. This partnership with Tinder is a fun and light-hearted way to encourage more people to carpool and potentially meet social media personalities on their next Grab ride,” said Cheryl Goh, Grab’s vice president for marketing.

“Tinder is a platform for meeting new people,” said David Wyler, VP of global partnerships at Tinder. “Our simple user interface makes it easy to meet people anywhere. We wanted to provide an opportunity for our users to connect with some of their favourite social media stars and still get to their next meeting on time. Grab is the perfect partner to make this happen.”

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