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Former IPG executive sets up children books business

Neeraj Gulati, the former managing director of Ingenuity at IPG Mediabrands has set up his own company called Whatz In A Name, which allows the personalisation of children’s books. Gulati (pictured) left IPG at the end of March this year after being with the agency for close to seven years.

Gulati told A+M that he has always thought of the idea of starting his own business, “Every corporate individual somewhere thinks of starting his own venture and we were no different,” he added.

I think the biggest roadblock to being an entrepreneur is “what” to do more than “how” to do it?

He is joined by his wife Hetal Gandhi, who co-founded the new company. Gandhi has left OMD Malaysia after spending almost six years with the agency as its business director.

The company’s founding lies in the couple’s observation of how e-devices have hijacked people’s lives, taken over family time and reduced personal bonding.

“We were really struck by this and decided to do something about it. This is how Whatz In A Name was born with a single mission of creating magical family moments in the real world with physical intimacy and not virtual love (via personalised children’s books),” said Gulati.











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