Fitness First Asia achieves over 90% impression share online

Fitness First Asia has achieved over 90% impression share for Fitness First’s branded keywords in its key countries namely Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.  

Fitness First, which is one of the largest fitness brands in Southeast Asia, had back in May 2016, appointed SearchGuru, a digital advertising agency and SEO agency to manage its digital advertising presence in the targeted countries above. SearchGuru said today it helped its client Fitness First Asia in strengthening its online footprint and conversions from online-to-offline.

SearchGuru also said in a press statement that conversions improved overall by 13.3%, with the largest growth being in Hong Kong and Thailand by 117% and 44%, respectively. Successful implementation of Google Display Network (GDN) in Thailand resulted in a significant increase of awareness through impressions while doubling conversions within three months.

Meanwhile, Singapore leads the way in SEO search keys such as “fitness” and “gym” in Fitness First Singapore’s ranking from outside 100 to being ranked first and second respectively!

Google AdWords were used as part of the Fitness First Asia’s digital campaigns utilising both its search and display networks –  to implement better consistency for the Asia-wide campaign, according to SearchGuru.

The growth from these campaigns were drilled down to country specific. Here are some of the highlights:

Thailand:         Web traffic increased by 35.3%

Indonesia:       Web traffic and impressions increased by 14.7% and 125% respectively

Hong Kong:     Conversions increased by 117%

Malaysia:         Better targeting as Click-through rate (CTR) improved by over 8 times.

“In the last four months, we’ve worked closely with Lim and the SearchGuru team to capitalise our online presence and make our brand work harder for us in the digital space,” said Chuah Cheng Lyn, Fitness First Asia’s head of marketing.

“By utilising cutting-edge SEO solutions, with Fitness First, we managed to increase an average of 12.9% organic traffic across six countries with the largest growth being in Singapore at 24.4%. Regional websites recorded an accumulative of more than 415,000 new visitors,” said Larry Lim, head of sales and marketing of SearchGuru.


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