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Unlocking PR’s hidden potential

The age-old practice of public relations has changed. Over the years, PR practitioners have played a back-seat role to marketing, focusing instead on media relations, copywriting, event management and probably guest invitations. In the brand new world of PR, led by the content driven marketing dynamic, PR has emerged as a new rising force.

We are unlocking much of our hidden potential, restructuring teams and inviting new talent to empower cross-function expertise. While reinforcing our unique talents of being able to “bridge” and connect different parts of the marketing mix, we have created a new type of integrated communications agency.

A HUB for influencers
As a communications agency, one of the most significant value propositions is the ability to act as a Hub to connecting popular bloggers, key opinion leaders and various media platforms, which plays a fundamental and crucial role in producing any high-impact marketing and PR campaigns.

Very often, by our experience, getting the right mix of KOL and bloggers to share and engage with your audience, you see how they help magnify campaign results. Let me reinforce though, building connection with influencers is not difficult, but try to see how your PR agencies actually work professionally and smartly with influencers, do your agencies truly understand the rule of the game, and bring out the best of it?

Content, Content, Content
Yes we write. But now, we do not only write press releases and speeches. We combine distinguished language command, creativity and comprehensive brand communications insight to create high-impact, shareable, and engaging content, in format of text, imagery and video production.

I always consider that as the new format of “press release”, not limited to media, but global audiences at all possible digital channels. In the “digital everywhere” era, everyone can be a potential media outlet – while Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram act as your own personal distribution platform.

The New Mentality
Communications, now and in the future, is highly diversified, personalised instant and content driven. Brands and agencies need to work together in a new dynamic, exploring agencies full potentials, probably rework the expanding service scope, cater for the complexity of the new communications ecosystem.

The writer is Bastian Wong, founder & director of Flare Communications Group

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