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Data, Analytics and Mix Management Master Report

Data, Analytics and Mix Management : Making a move into China

China is a whole new ball game of its own. As the most populated country in the world, China opens up a range of possibilities for marketers. As such, when eyeing the market, marketers and business development leads are usually armed with data. With such a wide demographic, and people coming from all walks of life, engaging the right people through the right avenue is important to optimise the already stretched marketing dollars.

Data, Analytics and Mix Management : Leveraging data effectively to reach Chinese customers

For many marketers, “targeting China” is still easier said than done.

In the digital era, data-driven marketing has been serving many marketers well by providing effective and targeted solutions that support a wide range of branding programmes and product push initiatives. However, conducting data-driven marketing programmes in such a huge and booming e-commerce market as China is no simple task. Marketers, especially those outside China, can find it difficult to obtain quality data for their programmes for a variety of reasons, including lack of access, insufficient budgets and limited resources


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