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Data, Analytics and Mix Management : Case study – Airbnb’s brand awareness campaign

Adopting iClick Interactive’s programmatic video ad solution, Airbnb, the trusted online marketplace for accommodation listings and bookings, achieved a 41%-plus increase in the user base who showed interest in its offerings via a brand awareness campaign.


Airbnb launched its campaign – “Never a Stranger” – with TV and digital ads worldwide, which largely focused on the diversity and differentiation of its offerings compared with other travel and accommodation services. Video has also become a bedrock of Airbnb’s global marketing drive. Seeing the huge opportunities in Mainland China, Airbnb aimed to push this campaign to enhance its brand awareness and convey its brand concept to its target audience in the market – the outbound travellers.


The China market is unique in its digital landscape and culture so understanding Chinese consumers and reaching potential leads became one of the biggest challenges for the brand.

While the concept of accommodation-sharing is still quite new in China, multiple local imitators have already emerged in the market; hence, the brand needed to seek ways to stand out from these competitors with first-mover advantages.

The brand also needed a precise and effective audience targeting strategy to educate traditional hotel patrons and convert them into Airbnb bookers.


Leveraging iClick Interactive’s multidimensional data map, we located the primary target audience group for Airbnb’s campaign via the digital footprints internet users left online based on their searching and browsing behaviour as well as their activities on social media.

Exploiting our platform’s technology capabilities, we took it one step further to expand the audience reach for the campaign by targeting its competitors’ audiences as well as users who had shown interest in travelling, exponentially widening the reach by 150 times.

With the target audience identified, a programmatic video ad campaign was launched across the screens in two phases:

  • Phase one – targeting Airbnb and its competitors’ audiences, a 60-second video ad was delivered to enhance their understanding of Airbnb and its offerings.
  • Phase two – targeting potential audiences (those with interest in travelling) to whom Airbnb’s concept of accommodation-sharing was pitched via a 30-second video ad with the aim to arouse their interest in the brand and its offerings.


  • 41%-plus increase in the number of users who showed interest.
  • Website’s PV exceeded the pre-set target by 140% on average.
  • Average CTR reached 1.35%.

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