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Case study: 7-Eleven and Le Creuset redemption programme

Hong Kong customers are known for their enthusiasm in redeeming things – be that a product or service. Therefore, different retailers run various types of premium redemption programmes, and most of them leverage popular cartoon characters or collectible figurines. However, a number of customers have become immune to these programmes and there are now higher expectations for retailers to launch attractive and impressive redemption products, hence, leading to a premium redemption market that is fast becoming increasingly challenging.

• Boost sales and shopping basket size.
• Create a big hit with publicity and positive word of mouth.
• Increase brand/campaign engagement rate.
• Reinforce market leadership and continue to build brand awareness.

To create a campaign that shoppers couldn’t resist, 7-Eleven struck an exclusive partnership with the sought-after French cookware brand Le Creuset last April.

Le Creuset products have become popular in Hong Kong in recent years, especially among young women and high-income white-collars.

The cutlery collection included a set of 10 utensils in its signature pastel colour, including two knives, two forks, two spoons and four pairs of chopsticks. Each utensil came with a miniature Le Creuset casserole, which serves as a little container for protecting the parts with stainless steel or a chopstick rest to inject novelty into the redemption programme.

Through this strategic partnership, the convenience store chain not only aimed to grab consumers’ attention, but also encourage them to share and show off their limited Le Creuset collection on social platforms.

To build momentum and drive engagement, it engaged its online fans with a photo contest; a weekly mini-game was created to invite customers to show pictures in a designated colour-tone on how they used the cutlery collection, and triggered them to show how they matched it with their existing cookware at home. The convenience store also tapped influencers to maximise the awareness and create more buzz.

Additionally, a series of recipes was provided on 7-Eleven’s Facebook page, so the targeted audiences could explore different cuisine, food types and preparation methods, and make them further attached to the promotion. For offline, print advertisements were placed in newspapers along with poster-on-walls in Central MTR station to gain attention from people on the go.

After a two-month intensive campaign, 90% of the Hong Kong population was aware of the Le Creuset programme.

Within two days of the redemption programme launch, it reached more than 900,000 people on social media, its Facebook post was shared more than 4,000 times and received over 30,000 reactions, including 20,000 likes, and more than 1,300 comments.

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