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Far East Hospitality unveils 3 new hotel brands, prepares for ‘uptake’ in tourism

Far East Hospitality will launch The Barracks Hotel, one of the three properties in the Sentosa precinct along with Village Hotel at Sentosa and The Outpost Hotel in mid-2019. The company will be managing hotel operations and sales and marketing functions for the three properties.

Village Hotel Sentosa is an expansion of the Village brand, targeting the mid-tier market including travellers from regional and international markets, as well as Singaporeans looking for a family weekend getaway. It also aims to position itself as an ideal location for business meetings, networking events and company retreats.

The Barracks Hotel leverages its iconic architecture to appeal to the “mature and discerning” travellers. Its key target markets are Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States.

Meanwhile, The Outpost Hotel, which was conceptualised in October 2017, targets Millennials and young couples who prefer exclusivity and a style of service that is “unobtrusive”. The hotel is also suitable for proposals, weddings and engagement parties.

Marketing has reached out to Far East Hospitality for additional information.

According to Arthur Kiong, CEO, Far East Hospitality, the introduction of the three new brands under its portfolio shows the company’s “forward-thinking” plans and growth strategy. The Singapore Tourism Board recently announced that tourist arrivals are expected to rise by 4%, hitting a new record in 2018. As such, Kiong said the latest move ensures that Far East Hospitality is ready for the uptake in tourism and is able to cater to the evolving needs of travellers.

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