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Challenges of engaging with parents online

Personalising digital marketing at scale is an uphill climb for most brands today and Marketing spoke with Rudy Adrian, a digital marketing and CRM expert with over 15 years experience about approaches to support and create conversations through digital in Indonesia.

“Every parent is different and wants information tailored to their own needs,” Adrian said.

“It’s always important to understand parents’ concerns and conditions to provide them the right information and support. ” he said.

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But how can you build this high level of trust to secure a dialogue?

“You need to ensure you first know your audience. It means understanding what are their real needs. From there you can personalise the message and topic.”

So what should be the starting point to reach them?

“Search is the best way to do it because it’s highly relevant and timely,” Adrian added.

Content hubs and portals with topics derived from search behaviour can provide readily available information and support.

“You have the opportunity to provide support as it relates to their specific concern. They may not decide to use your products or services but they can obtain the relevant support they seek when it’s needed. They do want to learn but don’t want to be told what to do.”

The challenge, however is that parents are being bombarded with information and a lot of it is on blogs, which can be useful but it can also be unclear who is writing it. And these posts can contain content more relevant to the UK or US, leaving parents on this side of the world confused. One can find sites that provide similar answers to their concerns but it is not always easy to know if it’s credible or not.

“Selecting topics through search is a great place to start and make sure to incorporate real experiences from real parents with those coming from credible and fact based sources,” he said.

“The beauty of digital is you can see instant results on the things that work. If the content is not relevant, the audience will not engage. Use the data to optimise the content.”

In Indonesia the top apps parents use are Whatsapp and Facebook.  Responding to customer queries through Facebook messenger and Whatsapp is a must for brands to be always available, he explained.  An immediate response is expected and it must be simple and intuitive to use.

Adrian said the aim should be for greater control from the perspective of the audience.

“Keeping up with consumers’ pace is only getting more challenging but it’s always possible,” Adrian underlined.

“See how your brand can provide support and help, start from there. There is always non-functional value that we can give to our audiences.”

“Everyone would like to be acknowledged, especially customers that already put an effort to reach out, and if they have a great experience they can quickly become brand evangelists.”

“We need to focus on finding the emotional value. It’s not just about information but it’s also about reassurance and connecting with a human.”

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