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5 tips for effective content marketing strategy

Brands must understand the motivations and needs of their consumer across the purchase cycle. The content should change or evolve as the consumer travels through the decision-making process, according to Ken Chang, commercial director for Asia Pacific, Microsoft Advertising.

“Content marketing on digital platforms helps increase flexibility, measurability and impact of the campaign,” he says adding that these platforms provide brands with large, engaged audiences where the messages can be changed dynamically. The frequency of the exposure can be increased, decreased or extended, and the performance can be optimised based on real-time results.

Chang is speaking at Marketing Magazine’s content marketing conference, Content360. More about the conference, speaking/sponsorship opportunities here.

Secondly, brands should invest in content that is optimised for search and continue to modify and refresh the content to ensure it stays optimised.

Thirdly, the strategy must be scalable and transferable across markets to create efficiencies and economies of scale.

Next, brands must understand how to curate content and put a strong plan in place to update content. And lastly, brands cannot be afraid to test new strategies, try new tactics and tweak the approach. Content marketing is iterative and each attempt will see improvements.

Going forward, Chang feels content and especially branded content, will not be restricted to advertorial content – it is a broader strategy to create content on topics that are relevant to a particular brand or product.

For example, content from a Shampoo brand is not limited to articles on maintain healthy hair or stay dandruff-free. It could include information from the latest Fashion Week, Red Carpet during Awards season or healthy eating and cooking. Ultimately, it is connecting consumers to the attributes of the brand – beauty, youth, self-improvement – rather than just the product.

Content marketing goes beyond just highlighting the functionality of the product. Chang explain using the example of hair care again. He says associating the product with cultural moments coupled with messages about youth and glamour helps create stronger connections with consumers because the attributes are desirable.

“Additionally, content marketing gives brands a broader platform to speak to consumers. For example, brands in financial vertical often implement strategies to associate their services and products with lifestyle content. It repositions the brand and helps expose it to new audiences.”

Hear from Chang and a host of other speakers from brands such as SingTel, SAP, Dell, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Energizer, Twitter, 3M and more. 

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