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DurianASEAN makes broadcast debut

DurianFM has launched a sister radio station, DurianASEAN. The station is in English and focuses on news and current events in ASEAN countries.

DurianASEAN will cover the latest news, and provide commentary, analysis, background information, and subsequent developments. DurianASEAN had its first broadcast over the weekend.

Its first program, ABC (ASEAN Breakfast Call) was broadcasted on air via internet on 10 March. ABC will be on air from 8AM to 10AM, Monday to Friday. It is a co-production with fivee media partners.

DurianASEAN has partnered with, FMT, The Ants Daily, SME Magazine, The Malay Mail, and Malay Mail Online. These media partners will provide media content for DurianASEAN by promoting news portal and co-producing the radio program.

Although the radio station does not have any advertisers currently, it is looking to target both government sectors and bankers who are interested in ASEAN region, tourism, industry players, and multinational companies.

DurianASEAN will collaborate with strategic partner HELP University to produce another program “HELP on the way”. This program will emphasise life styles, education, society and humanity, psychology, entertainment and sports.  This program is directed towards the youth and  advises them on how to best approach their studies and entrance into the work force.

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