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ComCo Southeast Asia

ComCo Southeast Asia officially opens its doors for business

In the pursuit to ignite brand love for businesses in the Philippines and the region, a group of brand architects and communication trailblazers have banded together to form Southeast Asia’s new communications agency, ComCo Southeast Asia.

With its doors officially opened, ComCo aims to provide premier and emerging brands strategic access to world-class brand management services. Built by communication professionals with a true passion to promote brand growth, ComCo offers integrated marketing solutions, from insights mapping and strategic planning to seamless executions in relevant communications touchpoints.

Products include New PR, which is Public Relations driven by the strategic use of content, stakeholder relations and measurement across different channels, Maximus Digital & Social, Content Lab for branded content and creative services and Influencers Bureau which focuses on Influencer Marketing.   

They also offer other unique services like Ignite, a communications service tailor fitted to help Social and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grow and establish stronger roots; Spice, the service option for brands looking for extended reach by penetrating the Southeast Asian markets; and Roadshow PH, the service that allows brands to have wider local reach extending from the usual borders of Metro Manila to the key cities of the country.

Commandeered by its Regional Marketing Director Ferdinand Bondoy, this band of communications professionals has a combined experience of 42 years, has successfully managed 120 varied brands, and has won a staggering number of 35 awards.

In less than four months of operations, ComCo has already bagged clients such as M&M’s, Snickers, Electrolux, WWF, Goodyear, Lamoiyan’s Licealiz and accounting firm Pinnacle Sources.  Through its Citizen ComCo service, the firm has also embarked on advocacies supporting culture, environment and children, which includes Tanghalang Pilipino, the resident theater company of CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and Best Alternatives which recently launched the #DefendDory campaign during the theater run of Finding Dory to protect marine water fishes.

“There are three things we hero in ComCo Southeast Asia: New PR, the Southeast Asia market and SMEs. New PR goes beyond publicity; it is strategy and content driven, utilizing and integrating different touchpoints whether it’s mainstream media, online channels or alternative platforms. Through our regional coalition, we help our clients and partners reach out to the Southeast Asia market. And of course, this re-engineered communications approach and regional reach is something we want emerging brands to be able to access as well,” states ComCo’s Regional Managing Director Ferdinand Bondoy.

With the Philippines emerging as one of world’s fastest growing economies, ComCo is here to help businesses today create the impact they need to rise above the clutter and ignite brand love among its customers and partners.

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