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Coca-Cola replaces Coke Zero with “No Sugar”

Coca-Cola is dumping its Coke Zero soft drink and replacing it with a new look and new name, “No Sugar”, starting in Australia and New Zealand.

The new variant, which the company claims it tastes even more like original Coke, will be launched in red packaging with the clearly stated words “No Sugar” on a black band on the top of the can.

“The taste experts at Coca-Cola HQ in the US have been quietly blending the flavours of this exciting new recipe for more than five years,” the brand’s website says.

The new product launch comes after customers grow concerns on obesity problems from sugar, and Coca-Cola’s global sales have declined. According to Coca-Cola’s February, the company’s profits fell 55%. While Coke Zero was launched globally in 2005, the company had learned that only one in two soda drinkers knew the brand was free of sugar.

The company first debuted the new recipe in England in June last year. It launched in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland later in 2016, and is expected to expand into South Africa within this year.

It’s currently unclear when Coke Zero will be officially retired, and when other markets like Hong Kong will see those similar changes.

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