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Coca-Cola concludes regional social media pitch

Coca-Cola has appointed Social@Ogilvy as its social media agency for the ASEAN region, Marketing understands. The beverage firm had called for the social media pitch in March this year.

Social@Ogilvy was its incumbent agency, handling most of Coca-cola’s social media duties for Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. Marketing has reached out to both Ogilvy & Mather and Coca-Cola for more details.

Most recently, the company revealed a new ‘One Brand’ global marketing strategy that, for the first time ever, unites Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life under one the iconic Coca-Cola brand positioning.

The ‘One Brand’ strategy comes with the launch of a huge global campaign, Taste the Feeling, that launches with 10 TV commercials and 100-plus campaign images, new visual identity systems and a new music anthem and audio signature.

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