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Cloudera appoints Ying as regional PR partner

Data management and analytics platform Cloudera built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, has appointed Ying Communications as its regional PR and marketing communications agency for ASEAN and Australia/New Zealand.

Ying Communications is providing strategic counsel, thought leadership content creation and regional agency management from Singapore. It is also driving media outreach in Australia/New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia, through its partner agency network.

Cloudera launched in 2005 is the market share leader in enterprise Hadoop, and regarded by many industry experts as the benchmark for Hadoop adoption and commercial success.

The company, regionally headquartered in Singapore, currently has more than 100 employees in Asia Pacific and four regional support centres in Singapore, Sydney, Beijing and Tokyo.

Its customers in Asia Pacific include the region’s leading banks, governments, telcos, insurers, and manufacturing firms in the world.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ying Communications to get our story told in the region. In just two short months since we started working with them, Ying Communications has demonstrated their knowledge of our industry across the region, an ability to wear many hats and deliver insights on a variety of projects at once, as well as execute actionable ideas for the best media outreach results,” said Daniel Ng, senior director, marketing, Asia Pacific, Cloudera.

“Cloudera is one of the most exciting tech companies in the world. Enterprises love its open source, big data management technology for its security, manageability and governance. The people we work with daily at Cloudera are smart, creative and passionate. It’s going to be an amazing ride,” Naeema Ismail, general manager, Ying PR, said.

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