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Ben & Jerry’s gets localised with Singaporean Scoopitiam

Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s has launched a pop-up stall in Lau Pa Sat called “Scoopitiam”. Working with ad agency GOVT, the campaign aims to inform customers that two of Singaporeans’ favourite beverages – cold-brew coffee and chocolate malt drink – are better served frozen. To further the Singaporean twist, these ice-creams will be served with wafer biscuits and rainbow bread.

The Scoopitiam initiative will run until the 29th of July 2018.

Ellen Yap, marketing manager, Foods & Refreshment, Unilever Singapore said, “In such a saturated super-premium ice-cream marketplace, where every brand is trying to portray luxury and premium-ness through their advertising strategies, we are thrilled at the prospect of launching a global Ben & Jerry’s flavour with such a strong local tinge. Because not only does it reflect our brand personality, but it also helps boost the relevance in Singapore.”

Pradeep D’Souza, creative director, GOVT Singapore described the campaign as giving an “iconic American brand a unique Singaporean flavour.”

“Ben & Jerry’s is a spontaneous and fun brand, so when we heard about the new flavours and the parallels with our favourite beverages, we just couldn’t resist the idea of a Scoopitiam,” D’Souza added.

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