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Astro and Huomao launch live streaming platform Tamago

Astro and Huomao, China’s leading eSports live streaming platform have officially launched Tamago, a new live streaming platform targeted at Millennials. Tamago focuses on localised user generated content (UGC) in Southeast Asia namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Since its soft launch two months ago, Tamago has garnered over 150,000 users from across Southeast Asia (SEA). Tamago allows viewers to explore interactive features like live streaming, gifting including virtual spending, real time interactions and creation of content. Viewers can engage real time via live chats, as well as rewarding content creators with virtual gifts, that can be purchased through in app purchases through microtransactions on Tamago.

Banking on eSports, the app allows users the access to exclusive live gaming and video content such as Office War, eGG Clan and many other DotA 2 majors and minors from eGG Network and new reality show, Symphony of Love.

In addition, Tamago users are also able to watch live streams by over 190 content creators and social influencers including Malaysian superstars Zizan Razak and Lisa Surihani; Astro celebrities and personalities like, Hafiz Suip and YouTube sensation, Chaleeda Gilbert.

Henry Tan, chief content and consumer officer of Astro Group said it believes there is a strong interest in the live streaming space in SEA especially amongst Millennials. “In partnership with Huomao, our technology partner who has been successful with streaming live UGC content in China, we are pleased to launch Tamago with interactive live chats and streaming experience. Live streaming is an amazing way for people to connect and interact in real time and Tamago is well served by content creators, entertainers, musicians, gamers, social influencers and Astro celebrities,” Tan said.

“This (partnership) also presents new creative possibilities for sponsored content and native advertising as we have seen in China, which is of great interest to advertisers seeking branded content. We are glad to have an opportunity to be a part of Tamago and to lend support in the areas of technology and operations,” said Naomi Wu, chief operating officer of Huomao.

YuBin Ng, head of Tamago said Tamago app will live stream the Hatsune Miku Expo 2017, with partners including Crypton Future Media, INC and Digi. “As there are millions of Hatsune Miku fans across the globe, those unable to attend the concert will get to experience this concert via Tamago. The concert live stream will be available to its users on 16 December.

Tamago app is available free on App Store and Google Play Store.

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