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10 over the top media agency requests

Competition is steep and when clients want to stand out from the clutter, there’s no question you’ll get a few crazy requests if you work in a media agency.

Here are a choice few sent in by our readers:

#1 “The client asked us to stick sparklers in a print creative buy.  When we told them they weren’t allowed as they were flammable they suggested matches instead.”

#2 Client: “Can we wrap a cover wrap?” (This request stemmed from the client wanting desperately to be placed before a competitor.)

#3 “Can we brand the ERP?”

#4 “We would like to produce a 60 min TVC, not 60 seconds but 60 minutes.”

#5 Client: “You know the billboard space you bought us? It has a bus blocking it. What will you do about it?”

Agency: “I think the bus will move in five minutes.”

#6 One agency staffer: “Apart from the usual requests for props from shoots, or specifics of wardrobe a talent in an ad might be wearing, we have also had the request to guarantee the weather.”

#7 Client (at 10 am): “I need a regional online-offline media plan across Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Indonesia by 5pm today. Total budget – $2million for six weeks.” (This is also the client that has only had one in ten briefs executed.)

#8 Client: “I’ll need the agency to adapt my master working files from France into these 20 adaptations, plus, do a 15s, 20s and 30s cut-down of my 60s TVC and add in local-context supers. All for $5000 (that’s it).”

#9 Client: “I plan to launch our latest product, the budget is $1million. The duration – one month – across online and offline media that can optimise my reach to my target audience. Please provide options for print, publications, radio, OOH, transit, online display, social media, mobile, SEM, and microsite.  (A couple of weeks later, after doing what was asked)

Client: “Ok, let’s just go with two junior page ads on the launch date.”

#10 Agency executive: (This came from a client who was using bus advertising for the first time.) “Standing at his local bus stop, he hadn’t seen his ad on any of the four buses that passed by. And given his campaign was using approx 20% of the fleet- he thought there was something wrong. Hence, he asked us to help him break into the bus parking yard at night with torches and count his ads on the parked buses!

And for the record, we actually did it!”


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