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10 coolest Ice Bucket Challenge videos for ALS charity

Social giant Facebook has once again exemplified its magic power to bring the world together, this time, thanks to the viral Ice Bucket Challenge.

First emerged in the US, the charity Ice Bucket Challenge is initiated by the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association to draw awareness to an illness widely known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The mechanism is simple enough – for those who’ve received a challenge, they need to pour ice water on their head and tap it down within 24 hours, or donate US$100 to ALS.

Launched on 6 August, the challenge has rapidly taken social media by storm, and now has become an international social media phenomenon.

Boosted by a flood of the world’s top influencers and celebrities, the social media-led challenge has reportedly netted some US$15.6 million for the association so far.

But in the same vein as the World Cup, the real winner is, again, the platform that carries the stunt, and it’s been proven by some big numbers.

Two weeks after launch, more than 28 million people have joined the conversation on Facebook about the Ice Bucket Challenge, including posting, commenting or liking a challenge post.

Meanwhile, around 2.4 million videos related to the Ice Bucket Challenge have been shared on Facebook.

ice bucket challenge

Of course the success of the activity is greatly attributed to its wit in viral strategy of asking social media users to dare three other people to take on the challenge. The participation of celebrities and influencers is crucial link to the viral craze.

See the 10 strongest #‎ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos on YouTube:

The winner is Bill Gates, who accepts Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge. The video has chalked up a tremendous 7,919,115 views three days after posting.

It is followed by Charlie Sheen’s, which has garnered 2,905,585 views since 18 August.

Tightly following is hockey player Paul Bissonnette.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s clip also secured 861,763 views so far.

Then it comes Ansel Elgort. Even though the video stirred some malicious comments like “stupid” and “I have no respect for you”, it still managed to fetch some 791,858 views.

Justin Timberlake’s. But what’s even more eye-catching was his conspicuously branded Pink Floyd outfit.

Here we go, Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The invincible Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perhaps the weirdest one from Lady Gaga, whose facial muscles didn’t seem to have moved an inch.

And the most enthusiastic about the challenge? Justin Bieber.

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